Mold Remediation

Each mold job requires a varied amount & type of mold, and intensity of the damage. Fortunately we have the same approach every time, which is to simply remove all present mold, & sanitize the respected areas. It is important to be working with an individual who can comprehend the mold damage and the remediation protocol, which includes the removal & sanitation process.

Removal of molds is considered a highly peripheral process. Remediation involves not just the removal of the mold but also acknowledges and amends the source. This includes:

  • Leakage of moisture
  • Issues regarding standing water as well as grading
  • Subfloors which are the Infected, as well as wall cavities
  • A defective ventilation system
  • Contaminated carpeting, furniture, etc.

The mold remediation process makes use of exquisite methods, technology and techniques. All of these are highly crucial and used together to present a remarkable outcome.

These usually consist of:

  • Chemical as well as antifungal and antimicrobial treatments
  • Disposal techniques and equipment
  • Negative air chambers for spore containment
  • Barriers which are physical as well as chemical to avert the spread
  • Fogging / Deodorization equipment

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