Mold Inspection

The process of mold inspection begins with a visual inspection which involves our inspectors identifying the crisis and the cause. However, it is not always identifiable by sight, which is why then we proceed to use diagnostic methods & fashionable technology. Our trained experts use these methods to identify the crisis & cause of the problem. The time process of the inspection varies depending on the size of the location being tested.
A water intrusion will result in mold problems if not treated immediately. Our aim is to always provide an ethical & tailored approach for each case, but the solution remains the same –to identify or remove any and all mold present, or to inform you that do not require our services before wasting your time and money! Thats because SMP believes in the contentment of the client & the honesty of our work ethic. If we do conclude that services are required, a mold inspection will include the following:

  • Inspection of both interior & exterior
  • Laboratory sample results
  • An inspection report detailing the types of mold found, locations of mold/
  • water damage witnessed, and a remediation protocol.

Damage Assessment:

This is an extremely crucial part of the process & is done at the same time as inspection. This step is significantly important because it will clarify any area that needs to be treated.
Some situations get treated without needing any physical amendment of the structure. While other cases, removal may be needed. This is where a trusted & experienced professional should be by your side.

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Good communication and quick results. The inspector answered all my questions and was here on time. Would recommend!

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I work with Sunshine Mold Pros regularly, best prices in town and real professional guys. They also put the interest of the homeowner first which is very important to me.

Zak ReidInsurance Adjuster, Miami Florida

Sunshine Mold Pros saved my clients from a disaster when a slight musty smell turned out to be a kitchen full of mold!

Eve CrawfordReal Estate Agent- Fort Lauderdale FL

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